Saturday, 1 June 2013

150 Million Giveaway

I recently started giving away some items and it attracted some attention. Although anyone can participate I am hoping New diablo 3 players take notice and enter there name. On June 2 at  contest ends 3pm est. 4 PM est. I will be giving away 150Million in gold  to a lucky Diablo 3 player. Rules are you have to post a comment on my 685 Killing streak video with your battle tag. This is open to all american players new and old. I will be also drawing names until someone accepts a rush from 1-60 for absolutely nothing. This is in hopes to get new players who purchased the game recently a chance to start playing seriously.
Visit my Youtube Channel and post your battle tag in comments on the video 685 Killing streak.  This video is to highlight how powerful barbarians are and all players should at least have an alt of a barbarian.

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