Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Great Barbarian March

Dear Diablo 3 Fans

The other night I had a fleeting thought about the state of Diablo 3. I noticed that there was a increase in the amount of new players after the game went on sale. I love playing Diablo 3 and I really want more and more people to play with. It sucks starting the game out with nothing when 60 is where everyone needs to be to start playing.

On that note I want to rush only barbarians because there are such an awesome class and I think the more people play with a particularly good class blizzard will fix the other classes so they have a similarly enjoyable to play on MP10.

On that note I am offering Free rushing service to Barbarians from what ever level to 60. atleast 3 need to be in a group. My battle net account is Lenbot#1273 feel free to add for some rushing tonight and whenever I am online and willing to comply.

I had also a fleeting thought that it would be interesting if an expansion followed something along the lines of a great barbarian march. Everything takes place on Mount Arreat in diablo 2 and 3. The story would revolve around the fact that all the old hell lords have been killed bout a Barbarian or whatever class Nephalem walked into hell and gained control over it all  with the Black Soul stone remnants. After piecing it together with some blood magic, they reign over hell and the barbarians March to stop the new lord of hell. Upon stopping the New lord of hell they release all the old daemons fixing the diablo 3 mistake obviously and resetting everything back to what it was and new Mythology can follow as a result of everything that has gone on.

That is my idea, thanks for reading

May Cain be with you.

P.s. leave a comment if you support this idea.

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