Saturday, 1 June 2013

Win it all

Although I created a seperate contest for the 150 Million gold giveaway and a free rush (see main blog). Everyone seems to be visiting this contest so for today for the inconvenience I will give away 250 Million gold. A main prize of 150 Million and 50 million for second and third names pulled from my   virtual hat. Once again this is available on american servers. Contest ends 2 June 3pm est where I will enter names from reddit or my video which  ever . Thanks for Reading

It's time for some spring cleaning. Although most of these items don't benefit me. Perhaps they can for some lucky viewer. Included is a Radiant star Emerald. worth 20 mill alone. The way this works simply leave your username in the comments on reddit or on here. At 4 PM eastern time today I will draw a random winner from a hat. Good luck to everyone. Note that it is only gear in stash not on char. It is on America sever and entries end at 3 pm est.

For those wanting to see the items avialable. Video of Stuff to win.

Did not take as long as I thought to enter names into hat 
Holystorms#1246 Is the winner thanks to all those who entered the win it all challenge. Your names
will be automatically entered into the 150 Million gold giveaway. Good Luck!!! for verification of winner


  1. Unforgiven#1372
    Reddit: Jasper77

    Looking to get back into D3 :) Had to quit for a few months to start a new job. Finally got time to get back into it :)

  2. Battlenet : Maurice#1271
    Reddit: BigMo88

    Sounds good, I'll take those things off your hands! Thanks for doing this!!

  3. Sprgmr#1220
    Reddit: Sprgmr

    Crossing my fingers!

  4. Battlenet: Hellmoon#1826
    Reddit: AshenMoon

  5. BagofRice#1414
    Reddit: MrDam

  6. emcarthur420#1968

    Reddit: emcarthur420

  7. bnet: electrictech#1346
    redit: mademelaughhard

  8. bnet : masterbob12#@1619
    reddit: masterbob122

  9. bnet: Lordie #6459
    reddit: lordie2