Sunday, 19 May 2013

The love hate relationship with Diablo III

Lets get this straight, Diablo III is a good game. It's not excellent but it's good. Now there is no other game like Diablo III other than Diablo II. Let's focus on Diablo II for a moment and then step into Diablo III.

The Gameplay: Now it's been awhile and I haven't played since the Dupe hammer was put down but the game was straight forward. You grinded your ass off for level 99 and the chance to find rare, legendary items. The cow level was the bread and butter everyone played over and over in hopes to find something but mostly for XP and to find other players. There was Mephisto runs, baal runs and few others that people played over and over.
Multiplayer: You just played with other people because it made the grind fun, the downside was whoever clicked fastest could get a decent item.

Trading items: You never and I repeat ever traded for gold unless you didn't care. It was harder to come by a lot of money,but most people were happy and you could always go and farm for a bit and have a nice sum. Everyone traded items Always, Usually you were hoping to trade up but usually you got what you could find. Stone of jordans were the currency of that game when I played it was a decent item the fluctuated due to duping. usually max 10 SOJ's could get you end level gear, and 20 you could get near perfect. You worked your way up trading what you found till you could afford to get an SOJ to trade or trade for the item you wanted.

The Items: Okay so here is a huge, gigantic difference between II and III, Rare legendary items were harder to come by. You didn't count how many you could get per hour it was more like per week. The items that dropped were always, and I repeat always worth something to someone and this is where the trading up came in. The stats were always usually similar to others if not the same I can't remember.

Side note:It was easy to speed level to 60 with the help of rushing then you were on your own to continue the grind. I don't know how many times I quit that game deleted my characters and restarted over again. Within maybe 50 hours minimum I would be back to close to what I had. Usually you would play with 4 people for the enjoyment of having people in game, and although usually solo was not a problem. The cow level usually was a problem for most players which is why people played together. If anyone played during these times, everyone can remember who has leg? or lets go get the leg.

Diablo III

The Gameplay: I played solo without AH to Inferno and my game time was 60 hours approximately playing as a monk. I had found 2 legendary that were worth nothing to me or anyone.Inferno was were I wanted to be but my gear just got me through hell. I tried playing with other people but I was an embarrassment. So I had to Solo Inferno for gear or items to trade up. Learn the alkaizer run to a science rinse and repeat over and over. 20 legendary later and countless hours, I was no where, still no good items I had traded up to around 30k DPS and had  on average approximately 1-3 mill in my account most times. Grinding was a chore

Trading Items: I never even realized until I had spent approximately 20million that I could in trade with game with people.  Items values are based on gold, currency is easy to come by and grind but any end game items are Hundreds of millions.So it becomes a game of gold and real money. So I Spend 140 bucks trying to figure out how to equip my player.There are tutorials online on how make gold on the auction house. This isn't Diablo it's Game of Action House

The Items: I find Legendary like candy, First two weeks of MP1 I find probably about 10 but something like 5 I had to turn into brimstone because it was worth more. The other items fetched probably 500 apiece.

Side Note: I looked up how to play a barbarain, Rushed him to 60 with gold I bought on the AH. Copied the 500 million dollar budget barb by moldran. Began to play MP10 easily enough and started to sit back and enjoy the game. Still find Useless Legendary but way more often, becomes pointless because I have best gear and I can look for a chance to find better gear for myself or crafting chances and that makes me want more of Diablo III

The difference: Both games are good, and went over many patches to get where they were. When I started Diablo II it was almost polished, Diablo III is getting there. Gold needs no value in this game, The price of radiant star emeralds should be the currency for item exchanges. They through all the gold duping and farming will remain fairly consistent. And are almost like SOJ's.Legendary should feel like it, they should roll better stats consistently. And the truth is Blizzard is changing  this .

In conclusion I believe this game is getting there, don't complain it will come just as diablo II came through all it's patches. Atleast these are free and not DLC. The barbarian Infinite WOTB needs a tweek but that is for another post.

Until then May Cain be with you. 

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