Sunday, 19 May 2013

Infinite Wrath of the Beserker

It appears I missed the memo on Barbarian play. Wrath of the Beserker when activated brings DPS or atleast mine to 480k with Rending at 700% weapon damage this eliminates enemies quickly. The only problem I had in the past was that when activated Wrath of the Beserker would eventually end. Watching Moldran play I could tell I was doing something wrong but wasn't sure what and I was happy with my Barbarian and played as I thought everyone was. Turns out that Wrath of the Beserker you can extend the play with Thrive on Chaos, for every 25 fury gained you extend the play. The problem is when you have full fury you cannot gain any more fury and thus begins your countdown of Wrath of the Beserker, this is what I didn't realize. All you have to do is spend your fury quickly so you can add more. Thus lowering your fury so you can add another 25. Run like hell is my favorite to spam.

Good Luck and may Cain be with you!

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