Saturday, 18 May 2013

Fastest XP run For Diablo 3 1.0.8 Patch !!!

Dear Fellow Diablo Fans

      I was recently running Key runs in Act 1 when 1.0.8 patch came out. Turns out I went from midly gaining experience to getting paragon level per run or more. Now Paragon 28 and getting 1 lvl per run. The run is simple.

Act one Festering woods Clear the area and dungeons
Clear Fields of Misery if you have 5 NV Stacks, If not you should have 4, go to Halls of agony to get rest of stack. Then clear Fields of misery
Halls of agony Level 2
Then all of agony Level 3
Rinse and repeat Enjoy!

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May Cain be with you!

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  1. Don't forget weeping hallow it has a hig monster density i do it after Field of misery. Also good for xp is leorics manor + and quick NV wen you clear the mansion and go out the front door. And if you need that extra NV semetery of the forsaken often has 1 pack.