Saturday, 18 May 2013

Diablo III Mp10 Barb Gear

Diablo III is a game of chance but with the auction house you can gear your character for MP10 easily. First I would like to say that if you have never played Diablo III before you should consider playing a barbarian. The reason behind this is that your going to find a lot of information on the internet and it is a very power full class to start with. To play Diablo III you want to eliminate the auction house out the game. You play to have fun, not to find frustration. 

When I first started playing I started with a monk but realized quickly it was  poor class choice I spent countless hours trying to increase my gold and gear to play MP10 better. After that failed quickly and nearly $200.00 spent on the RMAH I switch my tactics. I wanted to play MP10 solo with little to no frustration from my gear and I didn't want to be searching for way to increase my gold. I wanted it to flow in naturally, as in find as many legendarys as possible and sell them. So even though I completed this strategy as of 2 weeks ago as of this writing it is even easier respectively.

First you have to accept if you want to Gear up for MP10 and you have zero experience in the game or hours logged in you will have to pay out of pocket on the RMAH . I spent approximately 36 dollars total to accomplish this. Originally I bought Radiant Star emeralds with real money and sold them for gold which left me with approximately 720 million gold. Right now you can purchase a billion for the same price. Now I am not saying you can do this for less which is possible but I wanted it immediately and I payed a bit more.  I went to Moldran profile and copied all his stats on his armour. I then tried to find similiar items on the auction house. I payed close attention to Strength, Crit chance, Vitality, Crit damage and resistance to all. Although it was a working gear set for him, what I found it didn't work for me. So I  geared up in the only sensible gear.

I bought Immortal Kings set which changed the game for me so I could play MP10 easier. I then had to set up my gear so that I could play with less skill since I haven't played nearly as many hours as him. The end result was a Barbarian that can solo MP10 easily. Here is my gear. Try to copy every detail including copy the skills that I use. Then go to this video I made which shows how strong this build is. Try to Rend about every 5 seconds then use whirl wind. you should have no problem playing MP10 as a beginner to Diablo II

I will be later putting up a build for MP10 With only 10 -20 million Gold. I believe this is possible and can be achieved through using no real money and just grinding which I will explain how to get.

Good luck and may Cain be with you!

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